Steve Rowell

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Current State

Engineered canal systems and agricultural grids on the drained land of what once was the largest lake in America west of the Mississippi River.


Current State was a multi-room video, audio, photo, and map installation as conclusion of my Spring 2015 library artist residency in conjunction with the
Claremont Consortium Library, Special Collections, and Pitzer College's Environment + Art program.

Photographs of Tulare Lake Bed and the San Joaquin Valley (2015)
Photographs of Owens Valley and the Los Angeles Aqueduct (2004)
Archival photographs of the Los Angeles Aqueduct (1912)
Archival photographs of the San Antonio Dam in Claremont (1920s)
Drone video footage of cropland, canals, wasteland, salt sloughs, and North by Northwest crop duster scene film location on former Tulare Lake Bed (2015)
Audio of various locations at Tulare sites (2015)
Book and map selection from library collections (various)

Residency: February - April 2015
Exhibition: April 23-30, 2015

Tulare Lake as it was before the arrival of humans in what later became Southern California.