Steve Rowell

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The Best Dead Mall in America

(with CLUI) 2003

A photographic documentation of the Dixie Square Mall in Harvey, Illinois, 20 miles south of downtown Chicago. Although this 800,000 square-foot mall that has been abandoned for over 23 years and transformed by time and the elements, the main structure is still intact.

Dixie Square Mall, Illinois. North face detail (summer).

Additionally, the exhibit for the Dead Mall Competition, hosted by the Los Angeles Forum for Architecture and Urban Design during fall 2002 / spring 2003, is now on view inside the mall. While not officially open to the public, the exhibit will, like the mall itself, be on display indefinitely. As part of this monument to the mall era, copies of the Dead Mall competition print outs are hung throughout, and have become part of the surficial material of the mall interior - its fate merged with that of this, perhaps the most emblematic of them all, the über dead mall of America.