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Sonic Boom Containment Vessel

The CLUI Desert Research Station
Hinkley, CA, on display indefinitely from April 2012...

Now part of the CLUI Interpretive Walking Trail at the Desert Research Station, providing information about the Harper Lake Basin region... a region which includes the airspace above, classified by the U.S. Air Force as the "R-2508 Special Use Airspace Complex". This restricted, remote airspace, this nether-ether, is the (un)natural realm of sonic booms, explosions of air pressure generated by, at this time, US supersonic military aircraft. These fighter jets – above one moment, gone the next – and the split-second eruptions of the atmosphere they produce are the subjects, implied and audible, of the Sonic Boom Containment Vessel (SBCV).

The SBCV holds captive 18 months of sonic boom 'events' from 2006-2007. This sound installation consists of a small modular office unit outfitted with powerful audio equipment, where high decibel playback of these recorded booms occur under the same airspace where the recordings were made. The law of Action-Reaction revisited and manifested ad infinitum. Listening to (and feeling) the playback of these infrasonic frequencies can be a visceral experience.

The SBCV is one component of my Sonic Boom Archive project

CLUI DRS, Hinkley, CA
Installed May 2012
Daily playback from 10am-5pm, indefinitely

Track title ––– hh:mm:ss

SBA text audio voice over pitched.mp3 ––– 00:03:07
Framework radio piece - S Rowell Sonic Booms.mp3 ––– 00:57:00
SBA for CCI Troy.mp3 ––– 00:15:31
SBA-TACTILE AIR-WESTON.mp3 ––– 00:20:00
STV01001_hour 01-dove.mp3 ––– 00:32:01
Landing bird chatter jetnoise.mp3 ––– 00:06:49
Baby bird chirp owl jetnoise.mp3 ––– 00:12:21
Bird trilling.mp3 ––– 00:01:05
Dog bark whimper dove.MP3 ––– 00:04:36
Flap.mp3 ––– 00:00:21

Total ––– 02:32:51

All recordings from autonomous Sonic Boom Archive recording sessions, CLUI DRS 2006-07