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Immersed Remains: Towns Submerged in America

In collaboration with CLUI

OVER THE PAST CENTURY, HUNDREDS of towns have been drowned in the nation, primarily for reservoir construction. Collectively, these lost places offer an alternate version of the history of America. An exhibit at CLUI Los Angeles from January 21 through March 27, 2005 explored the phenomenon of these intentionally submerged communities.

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CLUI newsletter article about sites featured in Immersed Remains

Photos from one of the sites featured in the exhibit, St Thomas townsite, near Lake Mead, Nevada are below.

Foundations from the town of St. Thomas, Nevada. The townsite, normally up to 60 feet under Lake Mead, has appeared and disappeared five times since it was abandoned 65 years ago, according to the extreme and uncertain fluctuations of Southwestern reservoirs responding to regional drought. Each time it emerges, more of it is gone.