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Gloom & Doom II, Tactile Air 2

Video has been edited for duration. Headphones are recommended.
2 min, 03 sec

In Collaboration With SIMPARCH
Weston Art Gallery, Aronoff Center For The Arts
Cincinnati, OH, May - June 2006

The second story of this installation exists as a sonic boom simulator — a custom-built anechoic chamber with gabled roof horns, acoustically activated with twin 450 watt loudspeakers, representing a physical manifestation of a sound wave and its trajectory from above. The composition entitled Tactile Air 2 – a looping high decibel playback of sonic booms inside of the chamber – is designed to replicate the actual volume levels experienced by residents living beneath military-controlled supersonic airspace. Large areas of the country have become familiar with this affected airspace since the aerospace boom following World War II. Constant technological developments during times of both peace and war ensure regular sonic booms for the indefinite future.

More photos and text panels at the Weston Art Center.

As of May 2012, a playback of select booms and incidental desert ambiance is being exhibited indefinitely at the CLUI Desert Research Station in the recently activated Sonic Boom Containment Vessel.

Gloom & Doom II, Tactile Air 2 is a component of my Sonic Boom Archive project