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CLUI Touchscreen Kiosk Informational Display
2006 2009

Whitney 2006 Biennial "Day for Night", New York, 2006

Radical Nature, Barbican, London, 2009

From the 2006 issue of the CLUI Lay of the Land newsletter:

THE WHITNEY MUSEUM OF AMERICAN Art has generously provided temporary floorspace for a CLUI informational kiosk in their venue on Madison Avenue, in Manhattan. The kiosk contains a program, navigated by a touch-sensitive screen, that introduces users to the Center and its projects. Similar CLUI touchscreens have been sent to other museums and public display spaces domestically, and abroad.

The CLUI kiosk is part of the Whitney Museum’s 2006 Biennial exhibition. After visiting the CLUI’s operations in Utah and Los Angeles, curators from the museum asked the CLUI for the loan of a kiosk, similar to those they saw in use at other CLUI visitor centers. One was manufactured, and installed in their museum in February, 2006. At the close of the exhibit, the kiosk will move to the Center’s Landscape Information Center in Troy, New York.

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